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Water Damage

RV insurance to cover water damage isn't required by law; however, the destruction caused by leaks is often enough for individuals to opt for additional coverage. Water leaks often happen over time and result in mold and mildew growth, which can cost thousands to repair, sometimes resulting in the RV being totaled. Unfortunately, water damage can happen unnoticed. Water gets into the RV through poorly sealed roofs, body seams, vents, and slide-outs. 
Intrusion (in-troo-zhun)...
The process by which water can slowly enter a recreational vehicle around seal points creating mold, mildew, and eventually ruining what once was an enjoyable RV.
Inspection and awareness.
These are the keys to the prevention of water intrusion. Yearly inspections by Motorhome Doctor can literally suspend the need to pay thousands of dollars in repair bills.

Storm Damage ?
If your RV becomes or has been exposed to violent weather conditions please have your roof and vent systems checked. Most insurance covers storm damage, few cover water intrusion.

The Worst Leak Your RV Will EVER Have Is The One You Can't See! 

An extended warranty is repair coverage that kicks in after the typical manufacturer bumper-to-bumper warranty has expired.
Payment is Required when Repair is completed.
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