New Trailer Frame
Tanks being installed
Holding tanks being installed
Floor Construction
Furnace Ductwork being installed
Sub-Floor Wiring Detail.
12 Volt and 120 Volt wiring, being installed in Sub-Floor.
Plywood RV Floor Detail.
RV Floor Construction, showing wiring, Plumbing, and Furnace Ductwork.
Tubs and Shower Walls are installed before Trailer exterior Walls are Built.
RV Appliances are installed Before exterior walls are Built.
RV Plumbing and LP Lines are installed, before exterior Walls are built.
Carpet and Vinyl Floors are installed, before Interior Walls and Cabinetry is installed.
Plumbing being installed behind Shower.
Shower Base, Shows lightweight construction.
Kitchen Cabinets, being installed, before exterior Walls are built.
Teflon bars on floor below Slide Out.
Even the least-expensive construction materials can be assembled into a durable, cost-effective RV that can provide years of satisfactory service. At the same time, top-end materials assembled by incompetently trained or unenthusiastic employees can result in disaster. It’s all in how the manufacturer approaches training, equipment and quality control. So don’t let anyone tell you a wood-framed trailer with corrugated siding isn’t a good idea. If it’s built well, it could turn out to be a great buy.
Ever Wonder how your RV was built?

Construction Techniques – You'll find a broad range of construction methods with any type of RV. Construction materials include: steel, aluminum or wooden support members, soft sidewalls, laminated sidewalls and varying types of roofing materials. They all have their pros and cons, periodic maintenance schedules and enhancements.
The exterior structure of the RV is made of fiberglass or metal. Metal, rubber And plastic components are also attached to or part of the exterior structure of the trailer. The finish on those materials is durable but not indestructible. Any material or finish will deteriorate in time.

We cover important aspects of RV Construction such as; chassis, frames, exterior wall construction, structure insulation types, plumbing, electrical, cabinets, windows and roofing materials. 
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RV Construction, A Factory Tour.